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Product Features
Modular Structure Design
Its unique modular combined application mode can realize the 4th axis function, and can also achieve 5th axis function through cooperating with the 4th axis.
Built-in Oil Circuit & Band-Type Brake Construction
The hidden oil circuit design gives it simple and beautiful appearance, while the powerful band-type brake makes its cutting more stable.
High Rigidity
During harmonic driving, the teeth are in contact with each other when they engage and the larger the number of meshing teeth is the larger cutting load they can bear.
Zero Backlash
Its gear drive has a small return difference and its gear backlash can be adjusted to achieve zero backlash transmission.
Wide Applications
It is designed with a central through hole to facilitate wiring and air pipe coupling. Its IP67 waterproofing grade can get adapt to various harsh conditions.
Product Parameters


Product Dimemsions
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